Monday, 6 February 2012

You're the Bees Knees

So Valentines Day is fast approaching and what better way to tell that special someone you love them than with a box of delicious cakes?!

We have a special offer this Valentines! Get your Valentines Day Gift Box with 6 Chocolate and 6 Vanilla cupcakes for just £18!

Order by 6pm Sunday 12th Feb ready for delivery/collection on 13th Feb. See our contacts page for more details!

LM xXx

Monday, 30 January 2012

Little Einsteins

This week I was lucky enough to be asked to bake a Little Einsteins Cake for my cousins little boy, Robbie.
Robbie is THE cutest little man and I was so thrilled to make this cake for his 2nd Birthday. Little Einsteins is his favourite TV programme at the moment, largely due to the fact that the main character is a little ginger kid called Leo and Robbie has the most brilliant Ginger hair!
Can you see the resemblance? :)

I absolutely LOVED doing this cake. So much colour! My specific instructions were to include the Red Rocket, Leo & the little blonde girl, Annie. Having never watched the programme I did a bit of research. All the pictures I found were lush and full of colour, lots of greens and blues so I decided to add the patches of grass and the flowers.

I'm chuffed with how the cake turned out & i'm told that it was wolfed down :)


LM xXx

Sunday, 29 January 2012

New Year - Fresh Focus!

So 2012 is finally here (and January is almost over! Where has the time gone?!) and there are plenty of exciting projects in the pipeline for Totally Baked Cakes!
Our shiny new logo is being polished off as we type and will be popping up all over our Facebook , Twitter , and Website very soon!!
And speaking of our website that too will be getting some TLC! We are planning our official launch in the very near future so keep your eyes (and hungry tummies) at the ready!

LM xXx

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

My favourite & most exciting cake adventure so far!

So this last weekend I headed down to London for my friend Bex's 30th birthday celebrations. There were copious amounts of alcohol, boating, water fights and of course CAKE!
Bex asked me if I would bake her a Care Bear birthday cake to mark the occasion and of course I jumped at the chance! I have to say google was a massive help when it came to thinking of the design for the cake (the internet really is AMAZING!).
My biggest challenge however, was not the design, decorating or baking of the cake but the delivery. This was the first time I was actually going to deliver the cake in person & actually be there to enjoy it too! As I dont have a set of wheels at the moment I had to take the train. Yep! Thats right! I took this monster of a cake all the way to London on the train! Thankfully it made it there without a hitch & Bex was one happy birthday girl!!
I had such a fab weekend, met lots of new lovely people, drank far too much pimms & drove a boat for the first time! The water fights (whilst driving along the river) were hilarious, im suprised nobody ended up overboard!
I would like to say a big THANKS to Bex for iniviting me & letting me be part of the memories!

LM xXx

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Red Nose Day 2011

So Friday was Red Nose Day and as usual we did some fundraising in work, sparkly ties, sequin red hats and CUPCAKES! :)
On the menu were Limoncello and The Belguim cupcakes. Then came the really fun bit, making the noses! As Red Nose Day is all about doing something funny for money (and as I have a little obsession with moustaches) I decided half the cupcakes would have red noses with moustaches. Eeeek! :D

They turned out great & they tasted delish! The pics are below and yes they are real! (So many people who didnt actually see the cakes only a picture dont believe that they were real!).

LM xXx

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Chocolate & Amaretto Crush - Happy Birthday Kirsten!

My sister requested a Cake for her birthday so I decided I'd make something extremely yummy! I've named the cake 'Chocolate Amaretto Crush'.
A chocolate sponge cake with Amaretto frosting in the middle & on the top of the cake & then covered in crushed up Smarties and Mini Eggs. YUM! I did enjoy smashing up the smarties & mini eggs with a rolling pin! :)

I also made Ice Ice Baby, Limoncello & The Jammie Dodger cupcakes for Kirsten to take back to work with her.

Here's the pics!

LM xXx

White Chocolate & Raspberry Cupcakes

I baked these cupcakes for my colleague Kat's Birthday. The recipe isn't difficult but it takes a while! You could say these cupcakes are 'reasonably' good for you considering the amount of fresh raspberries that go into them. However, I think the white chocolate, double cream and sugar outweigh the fruit a little!
The cake is your standard cake mix with some raspberries blended in, they are then stuffed with a white chocolate & double cream mix and topped with a homemade raspberry jam & buttercream creation. DELISH!
I got my best responses yet from these cupcakes including my branch manager telling me they are 'Orgasmic!' - Thanks Sue!
I have to say, even though they took a while to make I really enjoyed baking them and I just LOVE the look on a persons face when they bite into a scrummy cake. :)

Here's the photos!